Live Latin Angels

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If you desire a different amount of time than what is posted, please contact us.

90 minutes  $110
2 hours  $150
3 hours $230
Overnight $350 (10 pm--6 am)
Greek $50
CIM $30; with swallow $50


If you desire to pay in pesos, request what the current rate is when you setup the date, as the rate is variable.

Service in the US requires a 2 hour minimum due to the time it takes girls to cross the border.  Pricing for service in the US is $320 for the first two hours, $80 for third hour, and $500 for overnight.  Girls will meet at Jack-in-the-Box in San Ysidro, or McDonalds at Otay.  The girls do not have a place or transportation in the US, it is up to the client to pick the girl up and return her to the border after the date.

Our pricing does not include the price of the hotel, or of any taxi fares.

Our policy is that you pay at the end of the session.  If you are pleased with the service, all tips are certainly appreciated by the girls.

We are also committed to your satisfaction.  We do not do bait and switch.  All of our pictures are very recent.  If one of our girls shows up and she is not what you expected, there will be no charge-assuming that you turn her away immediately.



The US Phone from the US is:
WhatsApp +52-1-664-440-2869
Email is:


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