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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I cross the border?

You can walk across, which is what a lot of our customers do.  There are now two pedestrian entrances.  PedWest is accessed from Virginia Ave., off of Camino De La Plaza, not far from the outlet mall.  PedEast is the older entrance, and is accessed from San Ysidro Blvd.  You go past the trolley station, and just past the McDonalds you turn left and it will take you to the entry point.  Taxis and buses are available at both locations.  You can also utilize Uber in Mexico to get to your hotel.  Or, you can drive across the border yourself.  If you do this, we suggest you make sure you have insurance on your vehicle for Mexico , just in case, as liability insurance issued through a Mexican carrier is now a legal requirement..

How far in advance should I call to setup a date?

In order to insure you get the girl you want, the sooner the better, as the girls go on a first come, first serve basis. However, most dates are made either the day before, or the day of the date. We do require a minimum amount of time to get the girl to you, and would suggest at least two hours notice, although depending on the girl, sometimes we can react as fast as 30 minutes. We have to call the girl, and let her know she has a date.  Then she may have to return home, shower, get ready, and then travel to your hotel.  All that takes time.  The girls are leading their normal lives, not sitting someplace ready to go.

How do I meet my date?

If you walk across, you will have the option of a taxi, a bus, or possibly an Uber to transport you to your hotel.  You would then call us, let us know your hotel and room number and the girl will come to your room. The hotel charges, and taxi fare to and from the hotel are your responsibility.  The girl's transportation charges are her responsibility.
If you drive across, the most common practice is for you to go to the hotel you have chosen, and check in.  Then either you call us, or we call you, get the room number, and have the girl come to your hotel.   We do not send a girl until you have contacted us to confirm the room number.  

How do I make hotel arrangements?  Are there hotels that you recommend?

You can look at our hotel page.  It lists several of  the hotels that are normally used by our friends.  Some of these hotels will take a phone reservation (like the Marriott), but several of the others, such as La Mansion and Premier are drive-in type establishments, and don't really take reservations.  We do not recommend a particular hotel, because people have their own preferences.

What about getting back into the US ?

As of June 1, 2009, a passport is required to get back into the US . If you are walking across, tell your taxi driver Pedwest or Chapparel and the should drop you off where you enter the pedestrian line.  While you may be asked a few random questions, it should not be a hassle to get back across the border.  If you are driving, you have to wait in the appropriate line..

Will the girls come to the US?

There are a few girls who will now travel to the US.  Please note, it is sometimes difficult to calculate the time it will take them to actually cross the border as you never know how long the line is going to be.  Hence, sometimes the girl will be late in getting across.

Do you have a house to meet?

No.  We use hotels, which are the responsibility of the customer to pay for, in addition to the taxi to and from the hotel.

Will the girls provide a condom, or do I have to bring one?

The girls should have condoms, but you may want to bring your own if you like a certain kind. Also, most hotels have them.

Will the girls wear certain lingerie or use sex toys?

The girls will wear lingerie if they have it.  As to sex toys, you have to bring the toys, but they must be new.

Will the girls allow me to take pictures, or give me their phone number?

We have asked our girls to not allow pictures, or to give out their phone numbers.

What are your hours?

Office hours are 10 am to 10 pm.  However, dates can be arranged for anytime.  If we are not in when you call, leave a message and we will get back to you.

Is it safe to be in Tijuana ?

Tijuana's murder rate has risen dramatically the last two years.  However, the vast, vast majority of the deaths are casualties in the drug wars between two cartels fighting over the cross border drug trafficing, and now, the street level dealing.  We have had no incidences of customers having any issues, nor are we aware of any customers of other agencies having issues, certainly no one has been shot, stabbed, or killed.  The love hotels and the areas around them are considered to be safe. 




The US Phone from the US is:
WhatsApp +52-1-664-440-2869
Email is:


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